Lake Flores Submits GDP To Manatee County For Zoning Purposes

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 1.55.24 PMAs part of the development process, on May 29th, 2014, the Lake Flores development team submitted a General Development Plan (GDP) to Manatee County’s Planning & Zoning Department. The submission was for zoning purposes to ensure our property was in accordance with Manatee County’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan for a mixed use community. Click to read more…

Think Development Drives Growth? Think Again.
A recurring theme in many of the negative responses we get to our vision of Bradenton’s future is that new developments are the reason Bradenton’s population spikes and traffic increases. We feel it is important to point out that this is a common misconception; the fact of the matter is, it’s actually the other way around: it is growth that drives development. Click to read more…

Turning Your Words Into Actions
Our outreach through, Facebook, and in presentations to various community groups is intended to help us better understand the interests of the public regarding our plans to develop our land. What we have learned so far through these efforts is that there is a broad desire for green space – parks, trails, trees – and that traffic is a major concern. Click to read more…

Lake Flores – Honoring Our Past As We Look To The Future
Whiting Preston and his family have named their 1300-acre planned community Lake Flores, to honor the history of the property and its future as a signature landmark.

Whiting Preston explains, “There are many facets to the name that reflect our family’s history and values. From the legacy this land has, to the opportunity it now presents, we are excited to evolve our Lake Flores vision into a great, scenic people place that the entire community can enjoy.” The patriarch of the family, Walter Preston, is a nationally acclaimed floriculturist who created a variety of new flower species on the property. Many of the Gladiolus sold in Florida were grown here. In a bit of irony, the grower of flowers married Flavia Florez (pronounced Flores), which means flower in Spanish.

Building The Future We Believe In
lakeside-walkSince the launch of and our Facebook page in February, more than a thousand people have visited and joined with us in a conversation about the future of our SW Bradenton property with questions, comments and suggestions. Thank you for participating!

Though our engagement with the community is still in its early stages, it is immediately apparent that some in the community believe that any development is inherently bad and should be stopped. Let there be no confusion on this point: we strongly disagree and want to make it clear that we believe the right kind of development is, in fact, the solution to many of the growing pains that are at the root of this “no-growth” sentiment.
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Envisioning A Bright Future For Bradenton
The heartbeat of a community often lies in the special places where people live, work, and play. Great new schools, parks, homes, and retail centers engage a community while attracting new residents and visitors. Regrettably, most of the recent developments of this kind have taken place outside our community.

As stewards of significant agricultural acreage in this area, we want to ensure that the development of our land will bring about a positive change for the benefit of Southwest Bradenton. With Florida roots dating back more than 100 years, the Preston family believes that now is the time to breathe fresh air into this land, bringing to life a new and vibrant section of town that everyone can be proud of and enjoy for many years to come.

Home_Page_CollageThe long-term nature of our ownership and vision, coupled with the size of our landholdings, affords us possibilities far beyond those fundamentally constrained by smaller scales and shorter timelines. For these reasons, we believe the opportunity exists to integrate Bradenton’s best traditions with contemporary urban planning solutions to transform our farm land into parks, trails, restaurants, homes and businesses that will rival the most successful of Florida’s planned communities.
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6 comments on “Lake Flores Submits GDP To Manatee County For Zoning Purposes

  1. Bev

    With the over-crowded roads already a problem in west Bradenton, what will be done to alleviate future traffic problems with this additional growth in this area?

  2. unemployed superintendent

    tomatoes they use brown water for irrigation and have grown gladiolas flowers on the property i have never seen a loaded tomato truck running up 53rd to west coast tomato to be processed and sent to market as a construction manager/ superintendent i would want the work the more the better as there are far less jobs available and i have gone far too long with out work the current administration/gov is not going to do anything for America except make it a third world country ( Build away ) it would be beneficial for many who are unemployed and welcomed by them

  3. Patricia B.

    I would love to see farming continue this part of in Manatee County. We need the jobs and tomatoes. I also believe keeping the waterfront as parkland would improve the plan; however, quite a lot of expensive homes and infrastructure will be built on land that is will be subject to flood and storm damage. A major part of the project should create more public access to natural areas.

    1. Admin

      Patricia, thank you for viewing our web site and taking the time to comment. Continuing to farm the property in a urban setting surrounded by infrastructure including roads, sidewalks, and storm water and waste water lines is simply not practical or productive.
      Our property does not border the water and the land is not in a flood zone.
      While the vision for our plan calls for a great deal of open space that would be available to the public, there is very little if any natural area as the property has been farmed for 50 years.

  4. Jayne K.

    You and your family have always been great stewards of your property and of our community …. I am confident this will continue that legacy. Very excited to see what is to come!

  5. Jack A.

    I am very impressed with the development plans and the way that the process has been handled up to this point.


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