Being A Good Neighbor

PennBayAerialOur community outreach campaign began some time before Lake Flores was announced and continues today as we present our plans for Peninsula Bay. Along the way, more than a few people have asked us why we do it. The answer is simple: it is the neighborly thing to do.

Dating back to the 1970’s, the Preston family has gladly lent a hand to its neighbors when called upon, making available the land for the Fire Station at 102nd Street and the lift station for Sunny Shores and Sagamore Estates, as well as the water pumping station for Anna Maria Island. In addition, the family dedicated the right-of-way for 119th Street and its connection to Harbor Landing Estates.

Over the years, as the aerial view of Peninsula Bay illustrates, all manner of developments have taken root around our land, much of it without concern for limiting density, protecting the environment, or preserving the local character. By contrast, the current rules and regulations for developing our land at Peninsula Bay will be far stricter and more comprehensive than anything that has come before us.

But we strongly agree that growth needs to be smarter and more considerate of the environment and the character of special places such as ours. We are stewards of our land, after all, and we welcome the challenge, as we are transforming our family’s history into its legacy for generations to come.

So we reach out not only to learn from others, but also to share our perspective as longtime residents and property owners at Lake Flores and Peninsula Bay. Because, though many things around us have changed over fifty years, the importance of being a good neighbor remains the same.

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  1. Palmetto Companies Post author

    Thank you for your comments and interest in Peninsula Bay.

    We understand that traffic is a concern. The results of our traffic study show that the impact of Peninsula Bay itself on traffic along Cortez Road is projected to be relatively minimal. While overall traffic will continue to increase as Manatee County grows, those increases will be traced more directly to larger areas of high growth in the county and the continued promotion and expansion of Anna Maria Island as a tourist destination. We look forward to working with the county to explore alternative ways to improve transportation as well being part of the conversation on the future of the Cortez Bridge.

    Some commenters have suggested that the Peninsula Bay land should be set aside as a nature preserve. This is not realistic. The land in question has been commercially developed as a farm for decades. It is surrounded by densely populated neighborhoods that were built nearly to the water’s edge. In contrast, Peninsula Bay is designed to leave over 50% of the land for open space and preservation. We would meet today’s much higher building standards, and we have taken additional steps to preserve, protect and enhance the water and native foliage.

    The decision to develop this land – which has been in the Preston family for generations – was not made lightly. When economic changes made it no longer feasible to farm the land, the Preston family decided to create a complimentary neighborhood continuing their vision for the community they love while embracing the values of preserving the environment and continuing to build on the economic sustainability of the economy.

    As to the timing of this development, there are no immediate plans to begin construction. Securing approvals from Manatee County officials is the primary focus at this time. There are many more steps at the local, state and federal levels that must be completed prior to breaking ground.


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