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Think Development Drives Growth? Think Again.

A recurring theme in many of the negative responses we get to our vision of Bradenton’s future is that new developments are the reason Bradenton’s population spikes and traffic increases. We feel it is important to point out that this is a common misconception; the fact of the matter is, it’s actually the other way around: it is growth that drives development. Continue reading

Turning Your Words Into Actions

Our outreach through, Facebook, and in presentations to various community groups is intended to help us better understand the interests of the public regarding our plans to develop our land. What we have learned so far through these efforts is that there is a broad desire for green space – parks, trails, trees – and that traffic is a major concern. Continue reading

Building The Future We Believe In

lakeside-walkSince the launch of and our Facebook page in February, more than a thousand people have visited and joined with us in a conversation about the future of our SW Bradenton property with questions, comments and suggestions. Thank you for participating!

Though our engagement with the community is still in its early stages, it is immediately apparent that some in the community believe that any development is inherently bad and should be stopped. Let there be no confusion on this point: we strongly disagree and want to make it clear that we believe the right kind of development is, in fact, the solution to many of the growing pains that are at the root of this “no-growth” sentiment. Continue reading

Why We Care

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 12.01.01 PMWe, the Preston family, have proudly worked our Southwest Bradenton farmland for more than 50 years, but now believe our county is at a crossroads. We’ve watched our community lay fallow while most new development – retail stores, restaurants, professional services, schools, parks, fire stations – has sprouted up to the east of Interstate 75. Over the past 20 years, where development has occurred in Southwest Bradenton, the projects didn’t mesh with our area’s historic fabric or provide what our city really needs. Continue reading

Family Values, Community Concerns

SideBar_Image_1Based on the recommendations from the two independent studies, the simple solution would be to sell our land to a developer to execute their plans for some number of homes per acre. But why hand it off to someone else when we – a family who has labored on our land for 50 years – has the opportunity to implement a plan based on our own vision for the area – one that plays into the strength of our heritage while incorporating the best of modern urban design to compliment it? This is the opportunity we have decided to pursue.
Continue reading