Compatible Communities

Streetscape - 2Peninsula Bay believes in being a good neighbor, and we look forward to continuing to be a part of the Cortez community. Our development is planned to complement existing neighborhoods with an emphasis on open spaces, Old Florida inspired architecture and a density below that which is allowed by county standards. Strategic buffering and roadside greenery will offer privacy while enhancing the view from multiple perspectives. We envision Peninsula Bay as having a friendly ambience that is very much in keeping with the charm and character of nearby Anna Maria Island. Peninsula Bay will offer amenities for dining and recreation that will be enjoyed not only by our residents, but also by those in the surrounding communities. It’s our goal for Peninsula Bay to be an active and contributing member of Cortez as well as offer new opportunities to enjoy the Florida lifestyle.

2 comments on “Compatible Communities

  1. Robin Miller

    I think it’s wonderful that both Lake Fiores Peninsula Bay will be full of homes working fishermen can afford, and that the developers are funding new Anna Maria bridges and ferries, widening Cortez Road, and paying for new buses and trolley to relieve traffic in and near Cortez.

    And the low-cost housing won’t just help fishermen, either. These developments are bringing in lots of new retail and office space, and it’s great that the developers are making it possible for the low-wage workers these businesses will need to live within walking or biking distance. Wow!

    Most Florida developers are land rapists who never think for a second about the people who will do the ‘real work’ on or near their properties, but are only interested in serving their fellow richies and becoming even richier themselves at the expense of everyone around them.

  2. John, Charles, Richard, Trueman

    I would like to read some comments that locals make the subject I want to dress traffic on Cortez which is incredible .
    Cortez is very dangerous road in the morning as it faces dewl east . At sunrise you can’t see anything but sun . turning off a side street onto Cortez is a blind Guess!


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