Developers Whiting Preston, Richard Bedford discuss reshaping Manatee County, April 19, 2016

“Preston focused on what he considers to be the biggest issue facing his planned development Lake Flores in West Bradenton — traffic. ‘Lake Flores is about an urban plan conceived behind various plans and principals that mitigate traffic trips,’ Preston said. One of the principals includes the use of ‘complete streets.’ Complete streets create a safe street environment for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and transit riders.”

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3 comments on “Developers Whiting Preston, Richard Bedford discuss reshaping Manatee County

  1. Jane King

    Amazing, worried about traffic yet no one word in this article addressed how this would or could be rectified. I predict traffic future of Cortez road will be backed up to 75th street, at all times of the year. That’s something to look forward too.

  2. Robert J Mann

    Shame on you Mr. Whiting. Would you be doing this if it wasn’t making millions for you and your family? You do not have the surrounding communities interests in your heart. The people in your new community will not stay inside the gates. They will clog our streets for us and themselves. The beach will be out of reach for all. It takes an hour to cross the bridge in season now. It will take longer when your project starts. How about building a long boat key bridge? You will have the money. Will Mr. Beruffs project use your communities facilities and roads? Have you considered the combined traffic? OMG. Have a wonderful day. Thank God I will not be here when this happens. My children and grandchildren will be here and my fears are with them. Your family and you I am sure will not be living in this community. Bob Mann


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