Envisioning A Bright Future For Bradenton

The heartbeat of a community often lies in the special places where people live, work, and play. Great new schools, parks, homes, and retail centers engage a community while attracting new residents and visitors. Regrettably, most of the recent developments of this kind have taken place outside our community.

As stewards of significant agricultural acreage in this area, we want to ensure that the development of our land will bring about a positive change for the benefit of Southwest Bradenton. With Florida roots dating back more than 100 years, the Preston family believes that now is the time to breathe fresh air into this land, bringing to life a new and vibrant section of town that everyone can be proud of and enjoy for many years to come.

Home_Page_CollageThe long-term nature of our ownership and vision, coupled with the size of our landholdings, affords us possibilities far beyond those fundamentally constrained by smaller scales and shorter timelines. For these reasons, we believe the opportunity exists to integrate Bradenton’s best traditions with contemporary urban planning solutions to transform our farm land into parks, trails, restaurants, homes and businesses that will rival the most successful of Florida’s planned communities.

Through the creation of “great people places,” in ways that reflect our key community values of authenticity, vitality, flexibility, excellence and leadership, the urban center we propose promises to mesh with our city’s unique fabric while offering charisma, charm, beauty, and energy to future generations.


Thankfully, we are not alone in our vision for Southwest Bradenton. Manatee County has been diligently working on the best ways to guide area development, as outlined in the reports shown below and available to review on the “Read The Reports” page of this site: How Will We Grow? Based on their recommendations – and those of a similar report on Manatee County from the Urban Land Institute – we feel strongly that developing a forward thinking plan to realize a more vibrant and economically productive use of our land is the right thing to do and that the time is now.

But, we also understand that ensuring a truly bright future for Bradenton will require more than thoughtful governmental planning; it will take the caring support, input, and involvement of its citizens, acting in the best interest of the community. Please take the time to read the reports and look over our website! If you agree with what you read in the reports and the facts and perspectives we’ll present in this website, then you share our belief that we have a golden opportunity to help make Bradenton a truly great American community.

7 comments on “Envisioning A Bright Future For Bradenton

  1. bj dood

    Wow. Are there no negative comments at all? I find that really hard to believe. There is already too much traffic now. I guess if you have enough money you can do and say whatever you want.

  2. Barbara J.

    Will there be any boat docks for residents? Will there be a canal opening to the Bay?
    Will units be built with doors wide enough to accommodate wheel chairs or walkers?

    1. Admin

      Thank you for your recent comments and questions on http://www.BradentonsFuture.com.
      Presently, we are working with the County on our General Development Plan and Zoning request.
      We are very early in the process and specifics of the project have yet to be defined.
      As we move ahead, we will provide updates on the web site.

  3. Brenda M.

    Love the idea’s put forward thus far……esp lofts apts above retail ……… would love to see a much wider sidewalk divided so walkers on one side …. bicycle’s ,skateboards, roller blades, on the other side of the divide no motors of any kind on this trail with enforced speed limit 10 mph…….lots of trees for natural shade and a few stations where you can sit with covered benches for relief from the sun & rain …
    All power or battery operated bikes skateboards and Segway’s travel on the existing designated bike trail at the side of El Conquistador Pkwy.
    no fast food places….if possible…
    A Starbucks and a Trader Joe’ s would be awesome….if there has to be things in retail such as a drugstore grocery store etc please no neon, no banners, lightlng can be done in a very classy way with all lighting coming off the building shining on the painted letters…this is done in many area’s across the country….
    This the best news can’t wait for this too happen soooo needed in this area……..

  4. Jane K.

    I believe beach parking at the intersection of 75th and Cortex along with the beach trolley, would greatly relieve the traffic congestion experienced every year when the winter guest arrive.

  5. LM

    Just a couple of ideas of things I think we are missing in Bradenton:

    1. We do not have enough large conference rooms, or areas, that are big enough to house a party of more than 250 people. This would be a money maker…..

    2 Would love to see some “Loft” apartments or condominiums above store fronts. Such a hot thing they are even doing in St Pete and Tampa, and no one is doing it in Bradenton.

    That is all for now.

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