Family Values, Community Concerns

SideBar_Image_1Based on the recommendations from the two independent studies, the simple solution would be to sell our land to a developer to execute their plans for some number of homes per acre. But why hand it off to someone else when we – a family who has labored on our land for 50 years – has the opportunity to implement a plan based on our own vision for the area – one that plays into the strength of our heritage while incorporating the best of modern urban design to compliment it? This is the opportunity we have decided to pursue.

As both independent reports cite, we agree that development in Bradenton’s future will have a trickle-down effect economically to the county and will bring more investment to US-301 and US-41 corridors. To ensure that we achieve our stated goal of transforming our land into a great new place to live, work and play, the Preston family believes it is our values and our concern for our community that must guide our actions.

We’d like to share some of our key values with you, and hear about your values, as well:

A place that draws on the heritage of characteristics of Florida that inspired people to visit and move here.

Safety & Security:
Slow vehicular speeds so people can walk and bike safely through the community. Designs that enable safety through visibility and transparency.

Healthy Community:
Design that encourages physical activities and social interaction as convenient aspects of daily life.

Focus on the quality of place making and a special personality and character that embraces the heritage of the site and the area.

Regional Leadership:
Sets the bar for a new model of development in the region.

The ability to adjust to changes in the market and people’s needs while maintaining the community’s character.

7 comments on “Family Values, Community Concerns

  1. Linda and Don G.

    I think development is inevitable and I appreciate your willingness to listen to the concerns of residents. Traffic on Cortez Road is a huge concern as the backups to get on and off AMI continue to grow.longer. I truly believe the time has come to build a third bridge connecting Rt 70/53rd St. directly to Longboat Key.

    I also agree with Pat A.’s comment above that a shuttle from Palma Sola Blvd to AMI would improve the current traffic situation. This is something that could be implemented immediately, hopefully with the coordination of the AMI joint town councils, establishing stops for the free Island Trolley at parking areas on both Cortez and Manatee Roads. (An alternative to a Palma Sola/Cortez parking lot would be the large empty land next to HH Marina.) This would also help to alleviate the current parking problems on the island.

    Understanding that commercial/business areas are an important part of your plan, I would urge that these business be smaller in size and would NOT include any of the “big box” type stores (Walmart) which would only add to traffic problems. Walking and biking trails would be a big plus, and perhaps golf cart lanes throughout the area.

    I look forward to seeing how your plans develop and hope you will continue to keep us informed. Thanks again for listening.

  2. Pat A.

    I think you would be very smart to give the traffic concerns of all those who live on the Island and along the Cortez Road corridor careful consideration. It might be a good idea to build a parking structure (perhaps on the corner of Palma Sola Blvd and Cortez) with shuttle’s that run from 75/Cortez out to the Island. I’m sure you might get some local money from the county and/or the state to help with this as it is already a problem for them. Can’t continue to reach out to tourists and then complain when there are traffic problems.

  3. Edward G.

    I hope your “reaching out to the people” is real and not just a way to try to avoid the wrath suffered by the Long Bar Pointe developers. Assuming this is a genuine request for input I suggest numerous parks and other green areas, bicycle trails (not bicycle lanes) so that vehicles may be left at home when going shopping, to the beach, or other destinations near and far. Larger spaces between buildings unlike the “shoebox” community planned for “Phase-1 of Long Bar Pointe. Not too tall, no massive dominating buildings that will change the skyline. Attractive blended architecture that fits with the community. Lots of shade trees around the lakes. Streets that are interesting, no square blocks. Access to public transportation. Make us proud that this development is part of our community.

  4. Phil and Carolyn

    We love this idea. It is time the original side of Bradenton becomes part of the scene.

  5. Richard G.

    As a resident of west Bradenton, my biggest concern is the possibility of gridlock as development continues. Cortez Road traffic is already terrible in January, February and March. To get community acceptance, I think your development will have to improve the quality of life for everyone, not just your new residents.

    Please consider:
    Planned communities with self-contained amenities so its residents do need to travel for everything.
    Lots of landscaped open spaces.
    Maybe a new upscale golf course community.
    Major road improvements such as upgrading all of 53rd Avenue East into Route 70 quality and improving Cortez Road.
    A slow pace of development so it doesn’t all come at once.

  6. Jean and Roy C.

    My husband and I just moved from a waterfront community in St. Petersburg (since 1984) to Harbor Landings Estates and just love it,
    except for the traffic.

    I do hope, whatever you build, will be good taste, with competent builders (we chose J. Cannon).

    I would also like to see shops chosen that could make it when the economy is up, as well as, down. And, I hope you choose builders with the same quality.

    But, please figure out how you will re-route the traffic on Cortez Road. A fixed bridge, as my husband recommended in a study years ago, would alleviate some of the problems.

    Thank you.

  7. Maureen M.

    I think it is great. I just read the article in Thursday’s paper and West Bradenton is in dire need of some innovation, renovation. While we in West Bradenton watched Lakewood Ranch develop and grow we felt cheated here. Looking forward to the development to start taking shape, need for Restaurants and Shopping, eco friendly spaces.

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