Lake Flores Flourishes at Planning Commission, July 10, 2015

“Preston’s goal is to have walkable development, with a full complement of on-site housing, recreation, employment opportunities, where services and shopping for residents and neighboring communities are included in the package.”


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2 comments on “Lake Flores Flourishes at Planning Commission

  1. William F.

    What are the plans to handle the traffic? Is there plans for a new road connection to Longboat key? Are there any plans to handle the Anna Marie island traffic?

    Who is going to pay for all the new schools, firehouses, police stations etc that will be needed?

    Are the support services going to be in place BEFORE the properties are occupied?

  2. Richard G.

    The greatest concern over this new development seems to be the issue of increased traffic. However, traffic congestion is now caused by too many people trying to get on and off the tiny Anna Maria Island because it is over-rented to tourists for January through March. This is a current problem that must be solved to stop gridlock on Manatee and Cortez Avenues. If this is solved, there will be less concern over thee Lake Flores project.

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