Lake Flores Land Sold To IMG Academy

We recently sold 19 acres of our Lakes Flores property to IMG, a portion of which will be used for a new hotel with the rest slated for athletic fields and related structures. This hotel will be independently operated, featuring meeting space, pool, and restaurant – all open to the public. The Lake Flores development plan, as approved by Manatee County, allows for up to 500 hotel rooms at completion.

In a 2014 Bradenton’s Future post we wrote, “We feel strongly that the opportunity Lake Flores presents is one of economic and social revitalization and prosperity for the immediate area, and will ultimately benefit everyone in Manatee County.” Though it is still too early to forecast an opening date for this hotel, we are nevertheless excited to see this new business moving forward, bringing to fruition Lake Flores’ promise of further economic and social benefits for SW Bradenton and beyond.

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  1. Brian connolly

    What a disaster all this development will prove to ne when it takes hours to get ANYWHERE die to traffic!


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