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Lake Flores is a master-planned mixed-use community on 1300 acres. It is an infill property surrounded by development that has been in place for decades, and for fifty plus years this property has been a farm. Over this time, traffic has increased as a result of many factors, such as:

  1. Population growth throughout Manatee County
  2. Delays in needed improvement to existing infrastructure
  3. Increased tourism
  4. Lack of safe alternative modes of transportation to popular destinations

Just as we have not contributed to the existing traffic, our new community will not do anything to alleviate this traffic on existing roads surrounding the property. Rather, Lake Flores is being designed to mitigate the internal traffic it generates by means of an alternative roadway network and the promotion of alternative means of transportation other than automobiles.

The community will have a multi-modal trail connecting one end of the community to the Town Center and Main Street traversing residential and work areas. By the very nature of the mixed use design, walk-able streets, bike lanes, higher density, and reduced setback requirements will allow residents and visitors alike to move around within the community easily without a car. By promoting alternative means of moving around by walking, bicycling, shuttles, and trolleys, dependency on auto traffic is reduced and a safer and healthier community is created.

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  1. Susan K.

    I agree with many of the statements above . . . something needs to be done about the roads and infrastructure NOW before any new development begins. I believe you stated that 50,000 people have moved into our area in the last 10 years. These people do not all live in Lakewood Ranch. They do drive to the beaches, eat at restaurants and shop on this side of Bradenton as well. Congestion remains on these roads long AFTER the snowbirds leave . . . I know becauseI have lived in this area of town since 1980. I appreciate Lake Flores wanting to get the community on board but if you want us to embrace your proposal, then hear the concerns of those of us who live closeby. It sounds as though congestion on these roads is an issue even now, so address this issue in a way that lets us know we have been heard and not ignored. You would have my support in a heart beat if you could show me plans of what would be done BEFORE the ground is broken for one home, hotel, apartment or commercial business. The development of a project this large will have a huge ripple effect on the areas surrounding it. Will those be positive or negative effects?

  2. Dan

    86th St. W. will not handle any traffic in or out of any cross streets from 75th St. W. and will have to be upgraded to a street similar to 75th.

  3. Mary lou

    There so many accidents now on cortez that if you don’t plan something in advance before building your commuinty we are all going to see much more accidents with a lot more deaths! I don’t see any traffic changes from farming at all.

    1. Admin

      Dear Mary Lou,
      Traffic accidents are certainly a concern for everyone. Please know that we are working closely with the appropriate officials and transportation experts to ensure that the necessary plans are put into place to accommodate the needs of a growing Bradenton. We have incorporated a number of measures into the design of Lake Flores that are intended to slow internal traffic, promote alternate transport methods, and enhance the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

  4. Roger

    The traffic issue is now a problem and should be addressed prior to adding more residential and commercial building onto Cortez.

  5. Jane K.

    Sorry this still doesn’t answer my question. Just how are the new residents of Lake Flores getting to and from the “West World” community you are describing. Jet Packs? Transporters? (Scottie beam me down.) Bayshore Gardens Parkway / El Conquistador, 53 Ave and Cortez Ave are jammed during the season/winter months. Are you going to do anything about the infrastructure already in place that so badly needs widening and bike lanes and sidewalks?

    1. Admin

      Responding to several similar comments made to our recent “Lake Flores on Traffic” post:

      In our post, we do not make the claim that our proposed community will not add traffic. Obviously, Lake Flores will add automobile trips to area roads incrementally over the many years of its development. By the very nature of infill development, traffic is a by-product.

      However, as we have clearly stated in previous posts, traffic in South West Manatee County is an important issue for all of us. This is why our plan for Lake Flores is to give its residents the opportunity to shop, work, attend church and school, and enjoy recreational activities within the community. Furthermore, we feel it is important to note that the farming of our 1300 acres has not been a contributor to area traffic during its more than fifty years of operation. If it remains a farm, the traffic issue will still exist.

      As we continue through the government approval process, there will be a road plan that we will present, review, and adopt with the county to mitigate Lake Flores traffic. For those concerned with area congestion, the development of Lake Flores is likely the best way to provide the county with greater financial resources which can be used to improve existing roadways and infrastructure – far better than what might be provided by our continued farming.

  6. Robert M.

    “just as we have not contributed to the existing traffic, our new community will not do anything to alleviate this traffic.” But it will add many new cars to the traffic flow of existing surrounding roads, unless of course you have all of the new tenants promise never to leave their community and I will promise never to drive into Lake Flores. Problem solved. arjay

  7. William F.

    As always, there is no action by our elected representatives to handle the present road traffic let alone what is comming!

    What is done within the community may be great BUT the congestion on the local raods will get much worse if MAJOR upgrades are not made to our existing public highway system!

    We need a new multiple lane connection to Long Boat Key and a new multiple lane Cortez connection to Anna Marie Island BEFORE new local developments are started!

  8. Bill M.

    You have to be kidding, how do you think all these new residents will never leave their homes!! The roads at this time going to the beach are a parking lot, going shopping are a parking lot(in winter when snowbirds return) remember its not to late to rethink maintaining the farmland we still have to eat

  9. Ali

    It sounds like you don’t actually have any plans just back-minded thoughts that this development won’t increase traffic and there is no traffic problem currently. Kind of like the crazies who think Global Warming isn’t a problem and never will be. It is.

  10. Leonard J. E.

    Aren’t you forgetting the fact that the stores you plan to put there will certainly draw a lot of traffic from outside Lake Flores.

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