Lake Flores Submits GDP To Manatee County For Zoning Purposes

As part of the development process, on May 29th, 2014, the Lake Flores development team submitted a General Development Plan (GDP) to Manatee County’s Planning & Zoning Department. The submission was for zoning purposes to ensure our property was in accordance with Manatee County’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan for a mixed use community.

A GDP is not a detailed site plan. Rather it establishes a VISION for the future based on core principles such as balanced growth and sustainability, community preservation and enhancement, environmental stewardship, and quality public services. It is intended to ANTICIPATE a development program and the necessary infrastructure systems (road network, drainage, parks and open space, utilities) that will support the conceptual development.

Our GDP bridges the gap between comprehensive planning and a detailed site development plan. This is the first official step to convert Manatee Fruit Company farmland into a community asset that everyone will be proud of. We look forward to working with the County’s staff, and eventually the Commissioners, throughout this process.

5 comments on “Lake Flores Submits GDP To Manatee County For Zoning Purposes

    1. Admin

      Dear Janet,
      Thank you for your interest in
      At the present time, we have submitted a General Development Plan (GDP) for zoning purposes only.
      Please refer to to the web site home page, scroll down to “Lake Flores Submits GDP to Manatee County…. and you will see
      what has been submitted so far as the first step in the process.
      Thank you.

  1. Alan f.

    It’s always sad to see a farm come to and end .I am from Ohio and a farmer and it was refreshing to see A going farm in the city.We bought in Bradenton because of the low property values from their highs.Lets be truthful you develop all that ground there will be traffic congestion.I know you want the money from the ground while your alive lucky your forefathers didn’t think that way 50 years ago,hope down the line your offspring doesn’t say why did grandpa sell out then.Like they say up north they ain’t making anymore ground.good luck

  2. Bob M.

    What will be the tax impact on other present residents of the manatee community? Who will pay for schools, teachers, roads and upkeep, police and fire coverage, property inspections, code enforcement. This could be achieved by having Lake Flores be an incorporated village within the county with its own infrastructure and services. Its residents would be taxed for their use of their services.

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