3 comments on “Large-scale developments threaten to close in on Cortez, Anna Maria Island

  1. britsunited

    Agree who heartedly. It’s time for Bradenton to wake up and come alive! We desperately need SOMETHING on the west side. Everything is lovely out east and old and fuddy duddy on the west. Please hurry!

  2. Leonard J. E.

    Finally – someone is waking up to what’s going on here. The town meetings held by Preston to force Lake Flores down our throats were a farce with all of his “friends” placed in the audience. Traffic will be a nightmare. Can you just imagine how long it will take people to get on/off the island. There is not going to be any new exotic bridges because there is no money for them. Tourist money will dry up – after all who want’s to spend their vacation in long lines of traffic.

  3. Joan C

    I support these developments. Bradenton is old and tired in the Cortez area. These developments will bring new life to the area and make it a wonderful place to live, work and play. Yes, there will be more traffic, but that is so with all beautiful spots in the US. I come from living on Eastern Long Island – the traffic is far worse in the Hamptons in the summer, early fall and spring, than anywhere else I can remember. But so what. I expected it and prepared for it and enjoyed the area immensely. All the residents there will tell you the same. Why should we keep such beauty, fun, entertainment, relaxation and more from others’ enjoyment in this Floridian paradise. You can’t stop progress. If you’re not happy with change, I recommend you read “Who Stole My Cheese”. Embrace change and you will see it is a wonderful thing. What I do care about is that the environment is protected – meaning the wetlands, and Mr. Whiting seems to be taking that into strong consideration. Joan C.


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