Mangrove Protection at Peninsula Bay

mangrove-smProtecting the environment is a top priority at Peninsula Bay. An expert team of biologists, engineers, and planners have studied the land thoroughly and developed a program to preserve and protect the property’s naturally occurring mangroves. The mangroves primarily run along Palma Sola Bay and occupy the majority of the wetlands on the Peninsula Bay property. These will be kept in their current condition, while other mangrove depressions along Cortez Road will be enhanced and cleared of non-native vegetation such as Brazilian Peppertrees and Australian Pines.

Additionally, selected areas will receive mangrove plantings. Overall the program will result in more than 81 acres of mangrove habitat preservation, enhancement, and protection. Also of concern are endangered and/or threatened wildlife, known to live in the Palma Sola Bay mangrove habitat – these and other native species will certainly benefit from the permanent protection of the on-site mangroves.

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