Peninsula Bay – A Smart Project

Bradenton Herald Editorial, July 23, 2016

“Growth is coming to Manatee County as population forecasts show, and traffic will remain a hot-button issue. Infill development is a high priority of the county. The Peninsula Bay property is destined to be developed. Preston’s proposal reflect smart and sensitive development, the best the county could hope for.”

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One comment on “Peninsula Bay – A Smart Project

  1. Ruben Goff

    When one considers that Florida is now a major leader in population growth, growth is necessary to remain viable. I have been following this growth plans for this project and I see no reason why ti shouldn’t be constructed given that its given the attention needed to the land, the region it covers, the waterways, and the ongoing traffic congestion. Lets face it, given the growth that the state and country is experiencing, traffic is an issue. But I think its incumbent upon all to focus on ways to develop better traffic flow as oppose to arguing the point without providing any insight to resolve the problem. To much time is spent complaining when better energies can be spent creating a workable to solution to the traffic growth.

    If Manatee lags in growth, the area suffers: its really just that simple. This is a smart project and one well worth the investment into the growth of the county. Its appears to be sustainable and therefore a project that will add value to the region.


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