Peninsula Bay receives first OK, goes to county commission for approval

By Claire Aronson, July 14, 2016

“The traffic problems wouldn’t be because of Peninsula Bay, said Caleb Grimes, an attorney who represents the applicant. Without a development like this, we won’t generate the impact fees and monies and funds necessary to start fixing all those kids of roads.”

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3 comments on “Peninsula Bay receives first OK, goes to county commission for approval

  1. William Follmer

    Yes!!! A new bride to LKB from 53 Ave. and a very short 4 lane tunnel to replace the Cortez Road bride too!

  2. Ed Goff

    It is time to be creative. It isn’t people that are the problem it is motor vehicles. I’m thinking multi-use pathways and some kind of people mover in combination with “remote” free parking would be the trick. I’m thinking some kind of tram (or monorail if you want to go modern) that would run frequently and have room for bicycles, coolers, and other beach/picnic stuff. Maybe it could run from the area of 75th St and Cortez and have stops in the Village of Cortez and Coquina Beach.

  3. Robert Mann

    Shame on the Planning Board. 5-1. Blame the traffic on the community? STOP building until a bridge is built to LBK.


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