Peninsula Bay’s Projected Economic Impact

Peninsula Bay is likely to have a significant economic impact on Manatee County, both during the development process (which could last as long as 10 years) and once the community is complete. The building of homes and non-residential properties is projected to generate an estimated 2,700 construction jobs over the course of the build-out, and the community itself is projected to have as many as 164 permanent on-site employees. This is in addition to the jobs that will be created to provide goods and services to the neighborhood’s new residents and commercial tenants.

Peninsula Bay is also projected to have a positive fiscal benefit on Manatee County as a whole. This proposed influx of new dollars could be used to provide new and enhance existing services and infrastructure. Consultants predict that, once the community is complete, the annual net fiscal impact to the county will be approximately $4.5 million, while annual net fiscal impact to local schools would be nearly $880,000.

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