Planning Begins at Peninsula Bay

boating-funWith broad community support and county approval now in place for Lake Flores, the Preston family has focused its efforts on its other farmland at Peninsula Bay – land on which they have grown flowers and ornamentals for more than 50 years. Peninsula Bay is envisioned as an exceptional master-planned community that will transform agricultural fields into a beautiful new setting for residents and visitors, while incorporating exciting new features aimed at connecting people to the water.

Encompassing approximately 360 acres in west Manatee County, preliminary plans for Peninsula Bay call for homes to be set back from the shoreline. A new 67-acre lake will be created to provide a scenic buffer to existing mangroves, while careful removal of exotic and unhealthy vegetation will preserve and even enhance sensitive ecosystems. Innovative aspects of the plans will serve to improve existing canals and create a flushing mechanism that will improve the overall water quality in the area.

Public accessibility is an important feature of the community. The development team sees Peninsula Bay as a recreational focal point for the entire region, with a boat and kayak launch, marina, eco-park, and nearly 200 acres of wetlands, lakes, and protected areas. The development will also offer a wide range of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums, as well as a bed-and-breakfast.

Streetscape - 2The character of Peninsula Bay is that of a people place where residents and the public can enjoy the outdoors, socialize with friends, and experience the magic that was coastal Florida in years gone by. Architecturally, the residential resort community will feature a distinctive “Fishing Village” look, authentic to the area in its detailing, with native landscaping, and pedestrian-friendly streets, where the needs of daily life can be met within walking distance.

Click To View the preliminary plan for Peninsula Bay

As these plans take shape, we will update these pages with the latest news and developments. We think Peninsula Bay will be an exciting complement to the Lake Flores community and a positive contribution to Bradenton’s future. As our planning progresses, we look forward to sharing it with you.