Press Release April 25: Preston Family Names Their Planned Community Lake Flores.

Bradenton – April 25, 2014 –Whiting Preston and his family have named their 1300-acre planned community Lake Flores, to honor the history of the land and its future as a signature landmark.

“One of the core values we have as a family – and one that we carried over to this project – is being authentic to ourselves and to our community,” says Preston. “For more than 50 years our SW Bradenton land flourished with the Gladiolus and flower gardens my father spent a lifetime cultivating. The beauty this site once held is what we want to bring back to this community for everyone to enjoy.”

Says Preston, “Since Lake Flores will be a memorable spot for residents and visitors, we wanted it to be reflected in our name as a commitment to all we stand for with this project. Our vision is to recapture the beauty this land once held and create a lake surrounded by aquatic plants, canopy trees, flowers, and walking trails to serve as a central meeting area for all to enjoy.”

While the name Lake Flores keeps an eye on the future, it also pays respect to the land’s history.

The patriarch of the family, Walter Preston, is a nationally acclaimed floriculturist who created a variety of new flower species on the property. Many of the Gladiolus sold in Florida were grown here. In a bit of irony, the grower of flowers married Flavia Florez (pronounced Flores), which means flower in Spanish.

“There are many facets to the name that reflect our family’s values. From the legacy this land once had to the opportunity it now presents, we are excited to evolve our Lake Flores vision into a great, scenic people place that the entire community can enjoy.”

Plans for Lake Flores are currently being developed by the Preston Family and their associates.

5 comments on “Press Release April 25: Preston Family Names Their Planned Community Lake Flores.

  1. Derek O.

    If you are going build another community, is there anyway we could have a choice of more than two styles of homes. It seems we have lost all of our imagination when it comes design. Make it unique.

    1. Admin

      Thank you for your input. We appreciate your time and comment.
      With the mixed use community we envision, there would be many lifestyle housing options available from apartments, condominiums, cottages and single family homes on a variety of lot sizes.

  2. Jane K.

    My suggestion would be to include a park and ride at the corner of 75th and Cortez with enough parking for100 to 200 cars. If the Island Trolly extended there service to 75th and Cortez, I believe this would eliminate a lot of the congestion going over the Cortez bridge to and from Anna Marie Island. In the parking area it would be nice if as many trees as possible could be saved for shading the parked cars. With a possibility of this also being a picnic area.

  3. Bill M.

    The best legacy your family could leave would be the continued farming operation on this location

  4. Mark G.

    Are you going to build a new bridge to the island or are you planning something else to alleviate the gridlock that is sure to follow!

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