Press Release – October 9, 2015

Plans Submitted for Peninsula Bay Community

(West Florida) Pen Bay 1, LLC., a company owned by the Preston family, has submitted a General Development Plan application to Manatee County. This application begins the review process for a proposed master-planned community known as Peninsula Bay, situated on a 358-acre property between Cortez Road and Palma Sola Bay that has been farmed for over 50 years.
“Peninsula Bay is another exciting opportunity for southwest Manatee County,” said Whiting Preston, manager of Pen Bay 1, LLC. “We want to create something very special, a place that can be enjoyed by both residents and those in the surrounding community. We envision a place that connects people to the water through increased opportunities for access and, at the same time, protects the waterways for future generations.”

The Peninsula Bay property is presently used for agriculture and primarily consists of a greenhouse operation surrounding a neighborhood of manufactured housing, single family homes, hotel and marina. Current zoning is PD-R at the county which allows for the intended planned residential development. The vision for the Peninsula Bay property involves creating an accessible neighborhood of 1,800 homes, plus water-related resort and commercial facilities. Other key features include a 67-acre lake, a boat ramp, boat slips and storage, a kayak launch, walking trails, and waterfront shopping and dining.

Protecting and enhancing the ecosystems will be a top priority of the development plans for Peninsula Bay. The community will be built in such a way as to engage residents with the natural beauty of the waterways and mangrove vegetation along the bay, but also to minimize the impact of the development on those precious resources.

Peninsula Bay is the second development proposed by Mr. Preston and his team. They recently received approval from the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners for a nearby community known as Lake Flores on 1,300 acres adjacent to IMG Academies.

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3 comments on “Press Release – October 9, 2015

  1. Wenda Ferraioli

    Disgusting lack of vision. No matter how much lipstick you put on this and the Lake Flores pig they are still an enviornmental and infrastructure pigs. Sadly, money is the only thing that matters to Mr Whiting. The county could show some common sense and set some limits but apparrently they have none.

  2. Bob M.

    I am sad today for the young people of west bradenton. they will not know the joys of a field filled with flowers or vegetables or just open land. they will know the ideas of someone that thinks they know what is good for them. many homes, some businesses, many parking spaces, much traffic, no way to visit the beaches that are so near. sad, so sad. I will be gone. you may be too. I hope your family enjoys the money.

  3. Pat B.

    Nothing new. When will the commissioners limit building sizes,. What about the traffic, accidents, infer structure,schools, water? What about a new bridge? We all know that the developers own the land but the commissioners can put a hold on numbers an sizes. We need to limit building.

    There are many streets in this county that need repairs.


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