Q2: Where in Manatee County might the best place be for a mixed use community to be developed?

In 2010, the Manatee county Commission designated the 1300 plus acres of Manatee Fruit Company land in SW Manatee county a PDMU (Planned Development Mixed Use) for future development.

Other actions were taken by the County in 2013 which further indicated that the land was best suited for a Mixed Use designation.

Those actions were:

  1. Creation of an Urban Service Area (USA) in the South West sector of the County which included the Manatee Fruit Company land. This area was so identified because of already existing infrastructure such as roads, water treatment facilities, sidewalks and power lines.
  2. Created the “How Will We Grow Study” with much public input that recognizes the need for thoughtful development in this area citing the infill nature of the land in the middle of existing infrastructure that allows the County to get more value out of money already spent.
  3. Commissioned a study by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) that identified areas within the county, specifically the southwest sector for targeted investment citing the strengths of IMG’s world-wide reputation and the available land of Manatee Fruit company.

3 comments on “Q2: Where in Manatee County might the best place be for a mixed use community to be developed?

  1. Jane K.

    I don’t believe there is an urgency for development of Lake Flores. I don’t believe the existing infrastructure (roads sidewalks, bike lanes) at this time can handle any more traffic then they currently do. I do believe Manatee County might be the best place for a mixed use community. I don’t believe we are ready for it until the above mentioned items are taken care of.

  2. Bob M.

    I live in Pinebrook, and have seen the traffic outside of our community on Cortez Rd increase every year. A toll on the Southbound Longboat Key bridge would get Sarasota residents off our local streets. A major influx of 8000 new homes cannot happen without comprehensive traffic planning before construction.

  3. BobC

    Everywhere, including in areas that need to be developed. Eastern Manatee, especially Parrish area is a disaster of approved single use, low density subdivisions.

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