Q3: Why is a mixed use community the best answer to development in this location?

As opposed to the recent trend of developing automobile centric sub divisions, a mixed use community combining the aspects of live, work and play within defined borders, makes the best use of the available land and can provide the opportunity for revitalization in an area of the south west county area that has seen a devaluation of housing stock, increased rental properties and a decline in retail over time while other areas of the county have done just the opposite.

Furthermore, because of the location of IMG relative to the property and the infill nature of the land due to already existing infrastructure surrounding the current farmland, the location offers an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on the county’s need for revitalization of the existing aging surrounding infrastructure.

A mixed use community combines:

  • Employment centers with commercial uses
  • Neighborhood retail
  • A variety of residential housing options in varying prices
  • Connectivity by alternative means of transportation

4 comments on “Q3: Why is a mixed use community the best answer to development in this location?

  1. Jane K.

    I think it’s interesting hearing about the decline of retail over time. Could the reason for this possible be the failure of side walks on highway 41. The Publix Shopping Center on 41 and Bayshore Gardens Parkway is beautiful, but, where is the sidewalk? Where are the curb cut outs for the existing bus stops, or even a bench and shelter for those bus stops? How about addition safe street crossing. Are we really looking for a bigger eye sore of abandoned retail buildings on 41. Mixed-use communities sounds very nice, but, what’s it going to look like in 20 years.

  2. Leonard J. E.

    Who says this area needs to be revitalized. I think it’s pretty nice right now.

  3. BobC

    Agree with need for mixed-use communities, but the devil is in the details. Also, don’t do what IMG is doing: very expensive housing enclaves behind walls.

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