Q4: How does the Lake Flores vision fit the criteria of a mixed use community?

Recently, our requests for zoning and a General Development Plan were filed with Manatee County in which the Lake Flores vision takes into account the principles prescribed by Manatee County government under the Planned Development Mixed Use (PDMU) designation placed on the Lake Flores property in 2010

In this designation, the county requires that the overall site be developed with areas for retail, commercial, residential, employment centers, and other research or corporate uses. Neighborhoods shall have interconnectivity and not be isolated development pods dedicated to a single use. Rather neighborhoods should be easily accessible to employment centers, activity centers, retail and town centers so that shops and services can be accessed by a series of foot paths, trails and sidewalks. Care should be given to provide adequate lighting and signage with separation between pedestrians and traffic through the arrangement of buildings and parking lots to encourage residents and visitors to walk between places.

8 comments on “Q4: How does the Lake Flores vision fit the criteria of a mixed use community?

  1. Bonnie Howard

    Are you going to build villas with attached garage’s on one level? I want to down size, but still want to have space. Also in a gated community..We have nothing like that in West Bradenton

  2. Tom J.

    The vision of this community seems to have well thought out ideas except for one. Seems as though the Preston family has left out God. An awesome plan would be to put God first and include a life giving worship center (non denominational) such as Bayside Community Church West campus. God would bless this community beyond your expectations if He would be “included” instead of excluded.

  3. Jane K.

    I agree with Bob C. Avoid the big box store and over sized parking lots. We are living in the tropics, trees are paramount especially in all parking areas. My concern is still the impact of the additional traffic. Currently on 53rd Ave. and 43rd St., where traffic goes from four lanes to two lanes, is a nightmare during the season. Under the PDMU will the county be widening this section of road on 53rd Ave. from 43rd St. to the now existing traffic circle

  4. BobC

    The devil is in the details. I have not seen your overall and more specific development plans. I’m a retired urban planner and worked in economic development in my final years of work. I am not opposed to well planned growth.

  5. BobC

    Agree with the general County criteria. Add short blocks, parking in rear or heavily screened and planted with trees. Some apartments above stores. Avoid very large big-box stores and large parking lots. Design with efficient bus service in mind.

  6. Valerie

    Arraignment? Perhaps a typo?

    Also, as the future of DeSoto Mall is uncertain at best, I hope there will be high-quality retail planned in Lake Flores, so that residents don’t have to drive all the way to Ellenton or the University Town Center.

  7. Bob S.

    I think Lake Flores is appropriately named, planned and located. The timing is right for a Renaissance for the West Bradenton & Cortez Road corridor. The location is ideal, the size lends itself to a well planned, executed and managed mixed use community. Naples & Bonita Springs provide ideal blueprints for what master planned communities have done for their cities in terms of property value, amenities, life style and economic growth. As a life long Manatee County Resident, I’m behind Lake Flores and believe that the Preston family has the right vision, passion and drive to make Lake Flores a Master Planned Mixed Use Community we can all be proud of for generations…

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