Responsible Building and Environmental Impact

Our plan for Pen Bay includes significant accommodations to protect and improve the property’s ecosystems, such as removing invasive plant species, refraining from trimming mangroves, and conserving native uplands. We will create additional open spaces that will be visible from Cortez Road to create permanent greenery along the roadway. Instead of building right to the edge of Palma Sola Bay, we are creating a 67-acre lake that will serve as a buffer for the natural shoreline. Overall water quality will improve, thanks to future investments in modern stormwater infrastructure and improved flushing of stagnant waterways as a result of our marina construction. Peninsula Bay will also include amenities that will boardwalkencourage our residents to stay on-site for dining and relaxation, and serve the community at large with beautiful water views and opportunities for boating and other recreation.

Development is an important part of our local economy. The key is to ensure that it is done in a smart, balanced and responsible manner. There are strict guidelines and codes already in place that we will follow as we move forward. In fact, our project will meet a much higher standard of development than what is currently in place on adjacent properties. Although we are allowed to build to a higher density level, we are voluntarily choosing to build fewer units because we believe it will be a better fit with the village atmosphere of the surrounding community.

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  1. Robert J Mann

    This information has been published a number of times. It is time for your PR dept. to answer the serious questions, rather than printing fluff that avoids the problems with Penn bay and Lake Flores. I know you have the Government fooled, but the residents have questions that you refuse to answer. Shame on you. How much money is going into your pocket and the pockets of officials? Can’t answer that? Bob Mann


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