Turning Your Words Into Actions

Our outreach through BradentonsFuture.com, Facebook, and in presentations to various community groups is intended to help us better understand the interests of the public regarding our plans to develop our land. What we have learned so far through these efforts is that there is a broad desire for green space – parks, trails, trees – and that traffic is a major concern.

Our response has been to work with our planners to incorporate a higher proportion of green-space relative to housing, retail, and office area, in a mixed-use community design that is pedestrian-friendly and enables multi-modal transportation options to mitigate traffic impacts on area roads and bridges.

In this way, we seek to maximize the Lake Flores project’s value by addressing the needs and desires of the SW Bradenton community while enhancing the economic viability of the development and its potential future contributions to the community.

5 comments on “Turning Your Words Into Actions

  1. Ute K. (resident, El Conquistador area)

    I have looked at the information presented, but am still wondering whether all these mixed use amenities will only be available to Lake Flores residents or to the public as well. There is one thing this area of Bradenton lacks: public parks. It would be very nice if this development and its amenities were available to all residents. Will they? Thank you.

  2. Wenda F

    It always saddens me to see beautiful land which is becoming so scarce, developed into a haven for mega structures which put a drain on the ecology and environment. I realize that money is the bottom line but I truly hope that whatever development occurs, has a manageable impact on the area, Traffic is already becoming a problem so It’s hard to imagine how 8500 proposed dwellings AND retail space won’t create severe congestion. Lakewood Ranch is beautiful but I would NEVER want to live there and deal with the congestion. For me, the more preservation of open space, the better. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. How very sad.
    Robinson Preserve is a beautiful example of loving our earth.

    1. Admin

      Wenda, thank you for responding to Bradentonsfuture.com.
      While the County Comprehensive Plan allows for 8500 dwelling units, we are requesting a maximum of 6500.

  3. Peggy W.

    I understand the family’s desire to turn over the land from farming; the same as I understood the last working orange grove family selling their property in Pinellas County. It is your land; it is your investment in your own family’s future to sell it. I really don’t have a right to say you can’t do so, and I appreciate your asking for feedback. It is always sad to see land turned over, but once the land is “in-town”, and no longer really “rural”, it is understandable.

    I do find it hard to believe that traffic will not become worse due to a development in this particular spot. It is “in-town”, and it appears to be quite large. As I live right off El Conquistador, I might benefit from some of the amenities, just as I like to go to dinner out at Lakewood Ranch now and again. As a trade off, I am guessing I’ll see much more traffic. Traffic on El Conquistador does not like to follow the 30 – 35 speed limit now, so I’m thinking policing might have to be done a bit more, and this should be recognized.

    I would suggest that the HOAs in the new neighborhoods do background checks. It would not be wise to have felons, sex criminals, and such move in. It would bring down the value of the community. There is a cost to doing background checks, so the HOA fees would need to take that into consideration. I would also suggest strong, fair, and specific HOA rules and/or deed restrictions. The neighborhoods around IMG have always been beautiful and held to a high standard. I would expect the new community to be beautiful and well maintained as well.

  4. Bob M.

    Will Lake Flores residents be able to get to the beach without going over the Cortez bridge in a motor vehicle or will there be a free shuttle for all residents running all day? That would be the only way to mitigate traffic on the roads and bridges.

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