Water Quality Improvements By Design

One of the most ingenious design characteristics of Peninsula Bay is its potential for positive impact on the water quality of the surrounding area. The proposed upland cut waterway would connect Palma Sola Bay and the Cortez Peninsula Canal – which is currently a dead-end waterway with stagnant water at its end point – allowing boaters to access Sarasota Bay. This upland cut waterway would create a natural flushing mechanism, allowing water to flow with the tides between the two bodies of water, significantly improving water quality in the Cortez Peninsula Canal.

Also of potentially significant environmental benefit is a 67-acre lake that is a central part of the proposed Peninsula Bay community. This lake would be created between the mangroves on Palma Sola Bay and the development’s residential areas, forming a scenic waterfront buffer that would filter potential runoff before reaching the bay, while protecting the property from potential storm damage. The combination of improved water quality and healthy mangroves would encourage a thriving food chain by providing a habitat for breeding marine life and protection for their maturing offspring.


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